Anton Bantock Watercolour

The Sponsorship Fund was operational from when Anton started sponsoring young people abroad in the 1960’s, this continued ad-hoc until his passing in 2015. We continue help people when possible as Anton did but no longer work as a registered charity, donations are now forwarded to this organisation:

In most deprived areas in developing countries when a young person finishes school they cannot continue their studies unless their families can pay. Many young people have the ambition, talent and skills to further their future opportunities but are held back by their financial situation. This is where we step in with our Sponsorship Fund and by supporting individuals in this way, it also has a positive knock on effect not only for their immediate family but also their wider community. The main objective is to empower young people through education. Please read our Success Stories for more information on the young people we have previously sponsored, some of whom even donate back to our charity and work for our international team.

“Depending on circumstances the money can be extended to cover education fees, materials such as books, living costs, medical bills and travelling expenses. We consider candidates from any disadvantaged communities, if you would like to recommend an individual to our charity please use contact form”

So far we have sponsored students from Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tibet, Turkey and Uganda. One of our greatest achievements has been to help finance both a tuition centre for young children and tailoring courses for women in Thaneerpalli, South India. Please read our Tuition Centre page for further information.