Tuition Centre (Turuchirapelli, India)

This school was founded by a dedicated woman called Prema Sebastian to provide an additional three hours teaching to village children, this facilitated their progression to a secondary education. With our help it has developed from one teacher renting an attic space to a purpose built school with 110 pupils and six teachers. The Tuition Centre (also called ‘Anton Tuition Centre’) main focus now is the training of women in basic needlework skills, this should theoretically give them economic independence and enable them to raise a modest income for their families.

Due to our dedication to this cause over many years, the knock on effect has also helped a village primary school in a rural area outside Turuchirapelli. We organised fundraising events here in Withywood so they could purchase a bus for the children attending the school. We have also assisted and donated to other schools in Cameroon and Ghana but this project has been so successful it deserves it’s own page! Some of the children educated here have now become teachers at the Tuition Centre. Please look at the photographs below to see what Prema has achieved.